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So, been recently accepted to college!  Your're set... all you need to know about living away from home will be dropped in your lap.  Right?  Think again.  Going off to an out-of state college requires a lot of responsibility and independence.  You might feel overwhelmed at the amount of new information you're expected to discover on your own.

Don't worry -- most new students feel the same anxiety, whether it's nervousness about grades, new rommate anxiety, or an overwhelming concern about cuttring down college costs.  The tips to follow, however, can help you make a smooth transition into your new environment and encourage open-mindedness for the many opportunities you'll have while on campus

Tip Sheet: What to Do After Your Admissions Decision Arrives - The New York Times 

By Scott Chrysler Jr. March 29, 2013 6:05 am


This week, as the final college decisions are announced, The Choice blog is running a series of posts dedicated to the climax of the admissions season.

This piece detailes the rights of the students who've received acceptance letters and offers to join the wait list, including a list of what shoud - and shouldn't - happen next. - Tanya Abrams.



The Charlotte Observer, Weekly Countdown to College

Making the Final Decision on College Choice,

by Lee Bierer, April 24, 2016


For some students it's super easy, no pros/cons chart, they just know where they want to go and were happy they were accepted.  But for others it's a dilemna.

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