"You do an amazing job.   You made a hard process tremendously easier when it came to applying and choosing where I wanted to attend. I just wanted to thank you for all the help you provided, including the guidance in class selection.  I am on a dual major on track to graduate with Neuroscience BS and Biology BS.  I am so grateful."

Morgan B., Purdue University 


"I appreciate all the help you have given me throughout all these years.  Without you I couldn't have made it into UPENN.  Thank you so much for your patience, assistance and collaboration."

Kevin A., University of Pennsylvania.


"Thank you so much for the unending advice you have given me for the past few years.  You've always been there whenever I had a question and you have made this journey a lot less stressful than I imagined!  I can't explain with words how grateful I am to have had you to depend on.

Yeji K., Emory University


"Over the past 5 years, we have had the honor and privilege of receiving Charlotte Kaplan's expert guidance, based on her many years as a high school college counselor, to assist our 2 sons' journey from high school into college.  She has provided focused discussions on college options based on our sons' academic performance, and she correctly guided us down the path of decision making."

Richard and Nancy W., (parents)

Students attending University of Florida





Dear Students and Parents,

Join me on the Road to the College and Career adventure.  My objective is to make your journey a fun and educational adventure, and never overwhelming.  I will help you become well equipped in your journey into higher education after high school graduation.  And, I will simplify the college selection and application process.


We will embark on this adventure together, determine the best colleges suited for you, determine how to gain admission and then evaluate scholarship and financial assistance for tuition, housing and expenses.


I was the High School College Counselor at a highly competitive suburban high school, for 8 years and an Independent College Counselor for 5 years.  I managed the entire college admission process for thousands of students from public and private high schools.  I identfied scholarships and ensured that my students applied for them, to avoid missing wonderful opportunities for "gift" money.  By identifying student educational options from Ivy League  to Vocational Education,  I have guided and counseled students in the selection of postsecondary institutions and in the admission process, and my students have been admitted to prestigious universities such as Harvard, Yale, Stanford, University of Florida, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill, U.S. Naval & Air Force Academies, and the Citadel, as well as other top universities in the country.   Through an exhaustive evaluation of applications, essays and resumes, students were directed to focus on their strengths and attributes distinguishing themselves from other applicants.  I guided students through the selection of college majors, often through assessment testing and career research.  Students with athletic, music, debate, theatre and other unique qualifiers are given specific direction and advice.


I met and educated parents and students, about the postsecondary process and the financial aid resources available to them.  I explained and assisted with financial aid information and applications, including guiding students during the application process.  I reviewed the universities financial aid award letters and researched and advised students on scholarship opportunities from schools, and local and national organizations.  I reviewed scholarship applications and essays.  I was awarded from the Coca Cola Scholar Foundation "The Educator of Distinction Award", and was the recipient of the Annual Mentor of the Year Award from the Ford Salute to Education Program.


Universities seek dynamic and ambitious students.  To help students achieve this stature, I have directed, sponsored and assisted students in community service projects, and fundraising efforts.


I have attended meetings and professional workshops held by National Association of College Admission Counseling (NACAC), Collegeboard, ACT, and U.S. Department of Education, which included comprehensive information about Recommendation Letters, Essay Preparation and Analysis, College Admissions, College Selection Process, and Financial Aid.  I have met with admissions officers at the schools I have visited, at college fairs and at school presentations.  At that time I had the opportunity to learn the culture of the school and student admissions profiles.  I have developed a rapport with admissions officers throughout the country.  I received my B.F.A. from Hunter College, New York, and my M.B.A. from Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, Florida.


Please refer to my student and parent testimonials in this website.   Do not hesitate to call or email me with questions, or should you wish to speak with a student or parent who has used my professional services.


Very Truly Yours,

Charlotte I. Kaplan, M.B.A.



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